Sustainable office hotel hits the mark

Grønbech has carried out the promotional activity for Ejda to raise awareness of the new sustainable offices in CPH WASTELAND (Copenhagen Wasteland).  The target audience is liberal and creates industry, especially small businesses  and start-ups or established companies seeking readily available Copenhagen offices.

We also assists Ejda with news via web and newsletters.

A new trend has spread in the real estate industry, where empty industrial and office properties are converted to new purposes and contribute to a green transition.

Ejda Property Administration has converted an old office building, which has been vacant for more than three years, into a new and different office space on the outskirts of Copenhagen city. The new office property is also administered by Ejda.


The story of the new sustainable office property was covered in newspapers, industrial magazines, local newspapers and online media. The coverage has increased interest and demand and the office building was fully occupied very quickly.