Fastest WordPress-site

Our partners at SmartMonkey is granted the WP 2016 Award for fastest WordPress-site of the year by programming, a website delivered by Grønbech to this innovative construction company.

“We are proud of the award which showcases our abilities in web performance optimization. It’s a relevant subject in a day and age, where the web is getting very data-heavy. Our web performance optimization improves both user experience and web traffic,” explains Jeppe Sigaard at SmartMonkey.

The new website for Vangede Gruppen was developed in close cooperation between SmartMonkey and Grønbech. Grønbech provided the web style, structure, pictures and texts while SmartMonkey programmed the site, which is five times lighter and ten times as fast compared to an average WordPress-site.

Jeppe Sigaard gives the technical explanation:

“The website is programmed from scratch and sends a minimal amount of html in high semantic form after the html5 standard. In collaboration with Grønbech we have put together a CMS with powerful and intuitive user- and adaptation-possibilities without heavy and unnecessary functionality. With a modern technological workflow we have optimized the site even more with resource compression, server caching, CDN and asynchronous image adaptation,” elaborates Jeppe Sigaard.

SmartMonkey is Grønbech’s regular partner on web designs and source codes. In the coming months they will provide more high performing and fast websites for Grønbechs clients.

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