Surveys offer competitive advantages. Carrying out customer satisfaction analyzes and employee surveys you have the possibility of gaining unique insight into your customers’ wishes and attitudes towards your products, services and company. As well as a unique insight into what motivates your employees to go to work every day:

“Customer satisfaction analyzes as well as surveys of employee satisfaction are effective, because they show the companies what they can do more and where they can tighten up their corporate communication for example,” Kim Andersen, owner of the research agency Enigma Insight, says. In the image above, you can see Kim Andersen (in the middle) carrying out customer analysis on iPad.

Grønbech is specialized in PR, corporate communications and marketing. Occasionally, we also deliver customer satisfaction surveys to our customers carried out among their customers or we deliver analyzes of employee satisfaction to our customers.

Grønbech is working together with Enigma Insight on designing and carrying out those surveys either as web questionnaires or during events and such. The results of our surveys and analyzes are always delivered in a visual format ready to use for our customers.

Grønbech works together with Enigma Insight, because owner Kim Andersen is very professional and always delivers results and work of high quality for our customers. In 2010 Kim Andersen founded his research agency. He has 15 years of experience with designing customer satisfaction surveys and analyzes of employee satisfaction.

“Grønbech and I have good cooperation. It is motivating to work together with a PR and corporate communications agency such as Grønbech, because our collaboration adds on an extra dimension to my analytical work,” Kim Andersen says.

According to Kim Andersen the value of his surveys and analyzes does not really become visible to people before his analytical work is put into use in a communications strategy for example:

“My analytical surveys and Grønbech’s communications efforts are mutually supportive of each other, and that is why our collaboration provides synergy. Both to me, to Grønbech as well as to Grønbech’s customers.”