Prime time TV about Anti Gravity Treadmill

To raise awareness of AlterG, Grønbech conducted promotional activities focusing on creating awareness and to communicate the benefits of AlterG, since the machine is relatively new in Denmark and has great potential.

AlterG is an Anti Gravity Treadmill, in which you can walk and run with balance, support and reduced weight – as low as 20 percent of your own body weight! AlterG was originally developed by NASA for rehabilitation of astronauts after extended stays in space, but people with balance and motor coordination problems can use AlterG for rehabilitation and training in natural balance.

Selected media were invited to the national RaceRunner Team’s recent winter training in AlterG as well as Viborg Municipality’s experience with AlterG has been shared in industrial journals and news media.


The RaceRunner Team’s recent winter training event resulted in a 1:41 minute feature in national TV (Sunday Sport on DR) in which the machine was in focus. All together, the two PR activities resulted in 15 different AlterG stories in both news and sports media as well as medias for health care professional and disabled people.