COVID-19 and communication

During the Corona-pandemic, we must try to keep our heads high, talk to each other, gain information and insight – and work effectively with our own and our customers’ communications. Just as we always do.

At Grønbech PR and communications we currently work with many good stories about everything but Corona, providing storytelling for specialist companies and ensuring visibility that strengthen their business. And that work continues.

In addition, we assist with sparring about, strategy for and execution of Corona communication in PR, online, on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Grønbech and Corona

The employees at Grønbech will work from home in weeks 12 and 13, but we are available by phones and at our laptops daily during working hours.

All scheduled physical meetings with customers and partners in weeks 12 and 13 will be held as online meetings via Teams or Skype. We will invite you.


We can be contacted on our mail and telephone every weekday from 8.30 – 17.00. In urgent cases outside that period, you are welcome to get in touch with Susanne Lindø at mail: or phone: 40330555.

Let’s work together and hope for the best

We also have customers who have postponed major events, which we look forward to addressing after the ongoing epidemic has decreased. Our thoughts go especially to the companies that are currently struggling with closed borders, closed offices, closed doors and missing customers and orders. We realize that many are preparing for the worst – but hope for the best. Let’s move together – via Teams, Skype, phone, mail, web, Facebook and LinkedIn – to make good communication part of the emergency planning.