Experience in Advisory Board

Now, our Advisory Board has two experienced advisers and board members from specialist companies and SMEs. Their job is to make the Grønbech PR and Communication even more relevant to owner managers and specialist companies.

Ib Paaskesen and Anders Delcomyn Larsen have solid experience with advisory and board work in the kind of specialist companies that Grønbech makes visible and successful in telling their good stories

Together with the two Advisory Board members, our director, Susanne Lindø, will sharpen and refine the agency’s own storytelling, customer service, sales and team.

Ib Paaskesen and Anders Delcomyn Larsen have run their own business and held extensive management duties for many years. Today, they are the chairmen, board members and advisors in precisely the type of specialist companies for which Grønbech PR and communications are used to work.

“Ib and Anders are a good match for Grønbech. Firsthand, they know the type of companies we are strengthening with public relations and communication. They know the need of specialist companies and the most talented owner-led companies. The need for storytelling and visibility online and in the media,” says Susanne Lindø and continues:

“They are both very experienced, but also very different, so they complement each other really well. We have agreed how to work with Grønbech’s strategy and growth in the coming years. But in recent weeks we have naturally had a slightly different agenda. Here, Ib and Anders’ experience and constructive approach has proven to be very valuable.”

Visibility online during the Corona epidemic

The Advisory Board inspires Susanne Lindø for how the communications agency navigates the uncertainty created by the Corona epidemic and how we offer effective communication for small and medium-sized specialist companies in the new reality:

“The crisis means that everyone has to act more virtual, which is why it is extremely important for businesses right now to be visible online and have control over their web communication and social media, so they stand stronger,” says Ib Paaskesen.
Susanne Lindø is also confident that the current crisis places new demands on how SMEs use their opportunities to communicate with the outside world:

“One of the consequences of the crisis is that the specialist companies must also be much more visible online. Because this is where their employees, customers, networks and partners are. The companies that have an up-to-date website, and who work continuously with storytelling on the web, in newsletters, on social media and on their own YouTube channel, are far stronger than companies that focus most on physical contact.”

Effective PR and communication for specialists

According to Ib Paaskesen and Anders Delcomyn Larsen, Grønbech’s strength is precisely to provide the visibility of medium-sized specialist companies online and in the media:

“Grønbech is in dialogue with many different specialist companies, owner managers and startups and can see which communication benefits their business the most. At the same time, Grønbech understands the companies and their customers and puts efforts in precisely the storytelling that makes the companies unique. The good stories are told on the channels that benefit business best,” says Anders Delcomyn Larsen.

In our Advisory Board, both Ib Paaskesen and Anders Delcomyn Larsen have great ambitions for how they contribute to the development of the communications agency:

“I can especially contribute to sparring about Grønbech’s business development, so that the communications agency is stronger on the market in the long run. As the Advisory Board, we need to move closer together in this time both by telephone and virtual and still be visible in the market. And we must share knowledge with each other and be inspired by networking in the industry, ”says Ib Paaskesen.

Anders Delcomyn Larsen also points to the development of the agency’s competencies:

“At the Grønbech Advisory Board, I want to make sure that the agency has the right skills so that we can develop and in five years appear more attractive to more new clients. At the same time, I would like to see that over time we get more activity across countries and become more international. For example, for customers in Denmark who have exports abroad. “