Innovative product promotion

fischer Denmark A / S uses Grønbech as PR partner. New products are promoted by PR aiming at coverages in news media, construction industry trade media and handyman media.

fischer Denmark A / S is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of fixing for the construction industry. fischer is bringing new and exciting products to market every year in order to enhance and streamline building processes and materials.


Among the products that fischer has been promoted through PR is Cement Express, VBS anchors, Solar-Fix and the green plug, UX Green. Grønbech ensures that the product sheets and promotional material from fischer headquarters are translated into good, Danish stories where dealers, customers and product managers to have their say.

Results: fischer’s cooperation with Grønbech ensures efficient launch of new and innovative products. The products produced by fischer and promotes through Grønbech’s PR, are all on the company’s top 10 best-selling products.