FSTA’s communication

Grønbech takes care of communication , web and PR for FSTA – Forum of Hospital Engineering and Architecture. FSTA, a professional association, strives toward establishing a community that moves beyond and across all branches of the industry – architecture, construction and operations at hospitals on a day to day basis.

All over Denmark a major modernisation of the hospital structure is resulting in numerous construction sites across the country. Increasing demands for operational improvement and low cost are contributing factors to the intensive search for innovation, development and knowledge sharing. Key points if construction and expansions of Danish hospitals are to generate efficiency and better results. FSTA eyes this as a unique opportunity to insure innovation and further development in Danish health care facilities.

In order for FSTA to achieve their goals Grønbech has designed a new and improved website. Fsta.dk will now be updated and maintained on a regular basis. Grønbech is in charge of all communications activities in regard to marketing and public relations. Furthermore we provide external communication when professional seminars and an annual conference are held.

Results: A continuing flow of news has produced more than twice the amount of yearly visitors on fsta.dk in 2015 compared to 2014. News letters are released nine times a year and the association has been mentioned in several technical periodicals. All communication relased by FSTA are now under professional advisement. The association has achieved far more visibility and awareness for the organization itself as well as its activities. A clear and professional line of communication has been a contributing factor in significantly raising the number of attendants at seminars and the annual conference.