Karl Erik Grønbech has passed away

The chief financial officer at Grønbech for 12 years, Karl Erik Grønbech, was gievn 73 years. Surrounded by his loved ones, he passed away in his private home the 23th of September after prolonged illness.

Karl Erik was a committed and active man for his entire life – in both his spare time and in his long professional career. He obtained more than 50 years of experience within sales and entrepreneurship.

Karl Erik started as a furniture seller in his hometown, Aarhus, and ended his career as the chief financial officer at his own communication agency, Grønbech ApS in Dragør, Amager. Together with his wife, Susanne Lindø Grønbech, he owned and run the agency for more than 12 years.

Karl Erik was also a passionate rock musician. Back in the wild 60’s he was touring with the band “The Spitfires”. His passion for music followed him throughout his entire life. However, the music was never considered as a way of living – the desire for entrepreneurship was stronger.

Through the next 25 years, Karl Erik got around in his business life. He became the youngest department manager in Denmark at the electronical chain, AllRadio. He then started importing and selling of cosmetics and equipment for skincare clinics all over Scandinavia.

The interest in sale was also expressed in Karl Erik’s personal skills. He was a people’s person, loved by many and filled with enthusiasm he always got to talk to new people.

12 years as a founder and chief financial officer for his own agency

The 5th of October 2007, Karl Erik once again went new ways, when he together with his wife, Susanne Lindø Grønbech, founded the communication agency, Grønbech ApS in Dragør.

Based on his background within the retail industry and several years as a self-employed, he got the idea to start a communication agency for specialized companies, owner-managed companies and SMEs to make them more successful by telling their good stories.

Susanne became the director and communication consultant, meanwhile Karl Erik controlled expenses, economy and IT. He also was the interior designer and a good problem solver. In the past five years, Grønbech has had an annual growth rate between 25 and 40 percent, and thanks to Karl Erik, the agency has for several years secured the country’s highest credit rating. Grønbech is among the few percent of Denmark’s companies that meet the requirements of AAA rating.

Karl Erik will be remembered as a warm and fair person, always willing to help the employees in order to secure an efficient production and operation.

Grønbech will continue to be driven by Susanne Lindø Grønbech as the owner and director of the agency.

Local engagement and many projects

Karl Erik was committed to the local environment in Dragør. Together with Susanne, they have lived in Dragør since 2002.

Among many things, he brought music to social events for Dragør Sejlklub, was the chairman and musician of Dragør Revyen throughout many years and he imitated the establishment of the house of culture in Krudthus 2. Furthermore, he was a board member at Venstre in Dragør.

Besides his wife, Karl Erik leaves behind a daughter, two stepchildren and two grandchildren.

The funeral will take place in Store Magleby Kirke, the 4th of October at 14:00.

Honored be the memory of Karl Erik.