PR provides tailwind for app

MemoAssist uses PR to promote a new Danish app that helps people with brain damage, ADHD, autism or other cognitive challenges. The app creates a structure in everyday life with reminders in the form of symbols, sounds, images and voice commander.

The PR activity led to many new MemoAssist users, and Magnus Skou Andersen, who has developed the app, has gained recognition and increased business.

Press activity focusing on customer benefits
Grønbech conducted a press activity focusing on the difference that the app makes in children and adults’ everyday lives.

The purpose of the PR activity was to spread the knowledge of MemoAssist among users, relatives and professionals. The press release included e.g. a mother of two boys aged 8 and 11, both of whom have ADHD. With the app, the family finally enjoy a calm everyday life.

Magnus Skou Andersen, founder of Hart Design, has developed MemoAssist in his spare time beside the job as an IT consultant in the health sector in Furesø Municipality. In his job, he got the idea for the app.

Many reviews create attention and business
The PR story has received 13 reviews in newspapers and local media, including a full-page article in Jyllands-Posten.

“I’ve been stopped by strangers because they just wanted to say that it’s a cool app I’ve developed. I feel the effect of all the press coverage – both in terms of downloads and revenue, which has risen by 10-20 percent compared with the month before,” says Magnus Skou Andersen.