Nyvang gets extensive coverage

The Co-operative Village Nyvang got a lot of coverage in the media on April 30th and May 1st. Nyvang performed a grand total theater, where the audience could experience the German occupation of Denmark from the beginning to the end in one single performance.

Grønbech helps Nyvang with their communication. The performance of the German occupation was a good opportunity to strengthen the awareness of Nyvang. We wrote and distributed a press release, which was picked up by ‘the dailies’, relevant magazines and local media among others.

Our contact to the media regarding the press release payed off for Nyvang, who got the desired coverage in both TV- and radio-media.

Grønbech served as press officer during the total theater. We received and helped the media with access and possible stories and sources.


The Co-operative Village Nyvang’s total theater on the occupation and liberation of Denmark was covered in Berlingske, Information and relevant media with special interest in historic events. A number of Nyvang’s volunteers appeared  in TV and radio, who covered the event both before and after it took place. Among the digital media, who covered the event, was the national evening news, local television and both regional and national radio stations.