Longdot Eurostar 4

PR provides invaluable publicity

A PR-project about the new road marking “Longdot” has given Eurostar invaluable publicity and priceless visibility.

Eurostar Denmark provides professional road marking. Together with Geveko Markings, the company has developed the new, innovative road marking called Longdot with the purpose of increasing visibility and improving road safety.

In this connection Grønbech has carried out a PR-project for Eurostar, which has created great visibility in the media. In addition, Grønbech has assisted Eurostar with media training prior to TV and radio interviews.

Targeted PR makes a difference

Before the launch of Longdot, Eurostar Denmark’s experience with PR was limited. But the result of the PR-activity has convinced the company that well-prepared press contact must be part of the future marketing:

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with Grønbech. Longdot is the future road marking and the biggest revolution in road marking for many years, so there is no doubt that the Longdot deserves attention,” says Eurostar’s CEO Jesper Wraae-Bess and continues:

“Grønbech has convinced us that it is of great value fur us that it is possible to create visibility of our efforts through targeted communication and PR.”

86 relevant media reviews

Grønbech’s PR-activity about Eurostar’s new road marking Longdot have created massive media coverage. The result has been 86 relevant media reviews in TV, radio, newspapers, trade magazines and local media. According to Jesper Wraae-Bess, this is a much better result than expected:

“We are very overwhelmed by the marked visibility that the PR-activity on Longdot has given us. Thanks to Grønbech, we have received completely invaluable promotion.”

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