PR and content marketing

Grønbech produces PR and communication for the real estate chain, ButiksKompagniet, who are specialized in commercial properties, restaurants, and retail stores. Each week we assist ButiksKompagniet in producing specific and valuable stories for their website and social media about their business, market, customers, services and results.

Furthermore, we also provide sparring for the marketing coordinator at ButiksKompagniet and help with unforeseen tasks. The result of our collaborative efforts is a constant content production and search engine optimization (SEO) for ButiksKompagniet’s website, social media and other communication channels.

“It is really great for our marketing coordinator to have some capable people at Grønbech who she can ask for sparring and help us make our stories come to life”, says Torben Steen Hansen, CEO at ButiksKompagniet

Valuable SEO, PR activities, frequent newsletters and online news for web and social media. These different activities provide constant visibility for ButiksKompagniet and strengthen their image as a strong real estate company with lot of know-how of the local community and the market of commercial properties.

ButiksKompagniet has recently expanded the business from the capital to the western part of Denmark. Through targeted PR-activities, relevant cases, social media communication, and online news Grønbech has contributed to the visibility of the new office in Aarhus.