PR about CSR

Grønbech assists the construction company Skou Gruppen in telling good stories, placing them into the political agenda and trends in society in order to achieve maximum publicity.

Skou Gruppen takes the lead when it comes to CSR and complex construction projects. The Syrian refugee, Ismail A. Ismail started an internship with Skou Gruppen in January 2015.

In March, the Danish Government launched its integration plan, suggesting that refugees should be sent on internships. Ismail was used as a good example of integration and CSR.

Resent Danish research shows that senior people do not wish to move into nursing homes or likewise assisted living facilities. This places new demands on future senior housing. Skou Gruppen are renovating an old nursing home and creating 30 modern senior homes with different dimensions to meet this challenge.


The two stories from Skou Gruppen were covered by more than 30 articles in newspapers, industrial media and local newspapers.

The newspaper, “Jyllands-Posten,” uses Ismail as an example of the Government’s call to the countrys’ municipalities to help refugees into work quickly, as it provides better integration. Ismail informed about the importance of being a trainee at Skou Gruppen and part of the Danish society.