PR promotes welfare technology

Liftup collaborates with Grønbech on PR, focusing on what the customers, professionals and opinion leaders think of the Danish company’s innovative products like Raizer and Flexstep.

“It makes a significant difference for our branding. It is not just us but also customers and professionals who can testify how value is created for Raizer and Flexstep,” says Sales and Marketing Coordinator Jannie Jørgensen from Liftup and continues:

“We have so many excellent customer stories, and Grønbech helps us to reveal them in numerous medias.”

Grønbech develops media strategy, interviews customers, professionals and opinion leaders before creating and implementing PR activities. TV, professional magazines, nationwide and local media have brought the story on how Raizer helps people who cannot lift themselves from the floor. And how Flexstep helps wheelchair users climb the stairs.

“Editorial review gives pride to our employees. We are eager to make a difference with our products and it is an immense pleasure when news articles and TV-reports confirms our contributions, “says Jannie Jørgensen, adding:

“The media coverage also provides traffic to our web and social media, we have increased sales – and we find it easy to recruit new people, when the demand arises, and our company expands.”