PR makes Købersmæ visible

Grønbech does communication and PR for Købersmæ on a regular basis and contributes with extensive coverage in Danish medias.

Købersmæ uses PR to improve branding and awareness and release their sizable potential in a housing market, that contains many pitfalls for the private customer. Købersmæ is a strong alternative to real estate lawyers and bankers, who often times have more focus on closing the deal than on the intermediate process.

Købersmæ represents and advices the buyer in deals involving real estate. Buyers increasingly use realtors to make sure they get adequate representation and advice. The practice is becoming more and more frequent.

Results: Grønbech has in short time established a high degree of brand awareness with ample coverage in relevant Danish medias. This has led to a number of journalist now using Købersmæ as an expert source on real estate issues. On top of this the efforts in PR has generated many new leads for Købersmæ, who can now capitalize on the rising brand awareness and flow of new customers.