PR tredobler salget

PR triples sales

PrinterGuys focuses on effective PR rather than spending time and money on outreach sales.

“It is important for us as a smaller company that we have the opportunity to borrow the megaphone. We would like to develop our business to the next level. Grønbech has shown us that we have exactly the same opportunities to draw attention to ourselves as the big companies, “says Carsten Andersen, owner of PrinterGuys.

Press activities that single out the company
Grønbech has conducted two PR activities focusing on how PrinterGuys does things differently.

By portraying the entrepreneurial business that changes the copier rental industry with a new and simple concept that gives customers freedom and flexibility.

And with an event where hundreds of children from Greve and surrounding area was producing Denmark’s longest children’s drawing and joined the Children’s Record book. Drawn on the initiative and the paper from PrinterGuys.

Attention and triple sales
PrinterGuys was on the front page of Børsen Sunday and carried the main story with a seven-page article about the new concept.

DR made a radio feature for P4 as well as a video and an article for about the record activity. The local newspaper Vestegnen visited one of the participating kindergartens prior to the event, and the local newspaper Sydkysten was over by the day. In total, the record attempt 19 mentioned.

“PR has given us more new and bigger customers than we have been able to draw towards us before. We tripled our sales in the month we were in Børsen,” says Carsten Andersen.