PR sells the products

In collaboration with fischer Danmark a/s Grønbech promotes the new products through public relations, PR. Grønbech ensures that product catalogues and promotional material are translated into positive and relevant storytelling. The new products get attention and positive reviews in the media, primarily in the construction industry’s professional media and local media.

fischer Danmark a/s are among Denmarks leading providers of fixation materials and other technical solutions for the construction industry. Every year fischer introduces the market to new and innovative products, which can improve and streamline the industry’s working procedures and use of materials.

Marketing Manager Elisabeth Tange has chosen to spend most of the marketing budget on PR and communication instead of using the more traditional ads that construction companies often tends to do.

Effective Public relations
The products that Grønbech has promote through PR are now all among fischer’s top selling products. This gives fischer an efficient launch of new and innovative products and thereby a boost in the sales through targeted presscontact.

“We see a positive effect when our products and company have been featured in the media. It provides both inquiries from customers and new dealers. The products that Grønbech promotes through PR and online communication is statistically doing far better than those who live their own lives on our shelves,” says Elisabeth Tange.

In 2017 Grønbech has conducted five public relations activities, which have resulted in over 40 press releases in newspapers, professional media and local media.

Efficient PR and communication on a small budget
Many niche companies have limited marketing budgets, but it is far from necessary to spend millions on advertisements to reach out with the messages and become known in Denmark. Fischer is a good example of that.

“We are a German concern that may can be a bit technical and nerded. On the other hand, we deliver strong and innovative products to the construction and handyman-industry. We have found that with storytelling we can brand fischer and be noticed at the same level as if we had been a big concern with a large marketing budget,” says Elisabeth Tange.