Promotion of hospital logistics

Grønbech was responsible for all communication regarding IHL and to raise awareness and interest for IHL among stakeholders within the Danish hospital systems, in a period of time when Denmark spends billions on building future hospitals.

IHL (Intelligent Hospital Logistics) is an intelligent logistics system for both new and existing hospitals, developed by a group of companies and hospitals with the support of The Danish Market Development Fund.

By making use of the existing technology the IHL system streamlines storage, transport and logistics in hospitals and gives hospital staff more time with patients and results in savings of resources.

The hospital staff will no longer have to spend time looking for and finding equipment – IHL provides all the necessary needs, when and where it is required.


IHL has been covered in more than 50 articles in industrial media and news media. Eight workshops and numerous dialogue meetings with hospital projects has been held, 12 newsletters were issued and a series of descriptive films, fact sheets and documentation packages have been produced and distributed.