Storytelling online

Grønbech assists the machine factory Ishøj Mekaniske in increasing the company’s visibility through online storytelling on web and social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Ishøj Mekaniske has achieved a stronger online presence due to website optimizing, implementation of social media profiles and storytelling on all channels.

The managing director at Ishøj Mekaniske is satisfied with the website now being up to date. Moreover, he values the continuous small stories and examples of the factory’s products, machines and employees’ knowledge and skills.

Storytelling generates visibility and useful feedback

“I am very satisfied with the cooperation with Grønbech. Our focal point was to increase our online visibility in order to be better known among companies in relevant industries,” says CEO at Ishøj Mekaniske, Allan Rasmussen, and continues:

“Our clients appreciate to hear about what is new at Ishøj Mekaniske. By sharing online stories about ourselves, we can really feel the positive feedback. In the long run it will generate more clients.”

Online visibility as a marketing strategy

Storytelling on web, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube invites clients and others an insight at Ishøj Mekaniske. It generates valuable marketing for the specialized machine factory:

“In the past, we were not very visible. But with help from Grønbech a lot more has happened compared to many years before. Now we appear to be a lot more professional on our online channels which is useful in order to build and maintain relations to existing and new clients. I am convinced that our company will benefit from this,” says Allan Rasmussen.