Improving high schools’ image

Hf2net is a network of 10 high schools, all of which have the two-year high school education (two-year hf) as their primary activity and interest.

One of the network’s objectives is to increase key opinion leaders’ knowledge of and insight into two-year hf to strengthen the education’s image and framework conditions. Hf2net want this specific high school education to be recognized for its core values ​​and role in the overall secondary education in order to ensure good framework to qualify young people for further education and careers.

To meet these goals, Grønbech is assisting Hf2net with PR, Web communications, newsletters, PA, promotions and advertising.

For example, as a prelude to recent Danish school reform we arranged politician visits hf high schools, designed feature articles and earned media coverage about two-year hf’s special ability to lift the educational level among male students and students with poor results from elementary school.


With active communication hf2net influence the education policy agenda. This is done through contact with key opinion leaders, conferences, feature articles and media coverage about the two-year hf’s ability to hatch new young role models, lifting the students to a higher grade level than expected and to be the type of high school who are best in class educating male students.