Multi-channel communication

With Steni Denmark we are creating, developing and publishing stories about their projects and strategic partnerships through a broad variety of communication channels.

Steni delivers facade and roof solutions in which quality, design and aesthetics are paramount. In addition to supporting innovative architectural expression, Steni’s products are remarkable for being robust, environmentally friendly, flexible, and almost everlasting.

We tell stories about how Steni’s products are used in various projects and report the experiences with the products among architects, contractors and building owners. We use PR, web news, social media, electronic newsletters and brochures designed as newsletters, pamphlets and inspirational material. Altogether our campaign provides a multi-channel communication for Steni.

Steni Denmark’s sales office is one of the group’s most successful, delivering many large projects and a providing a valuable network for architects, contractors and building owners. In 2016, this succes was reinforced by numerous online news stories, social media posts, E-news and printed newsletters and more than 25 articles in relevant industry communication outlets that target Steni Denmark’s core audience.