Customer’s satisfaction

In the spring of 2016 Grønbech assisted Høyrup & Clemmensen with surveys of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. The two surveys’ results provide a background for more pride and more team spirit in the company.

The response in the first survey was massive and showed great satisfaction among customers. The survey also showed that customers know and appreciate a high level of professionalism and commitment. Qualities that Høyrup & Clemmensen would like to be recognized by. It provided the basis for praise to employees from management and increased team spirit in the company.

The customer satisfaction survey also gave some suggestions on how Høyrup & Clemmensen’s customers can be even more satisfied.

“For example, we can improve our information flow to customers whose work for various reasons will be delayed,” says Høyrup & Clemmensen CEO Tom Lindquist.

The survey of employee’s satisfaction showed that there are big differences in how employees perceive their workplace, depending on which department they belong to.

“A large proportion of employees responded to the analysis’ questions, and we got some good feedback on what motivates employees, and what can be improved,” says Tom Lindquist.

He adds that satisfaction analysis among employees has led to increased focus on issues like training opportunities, common goals and a good tone in the workplace.

“Both surveys have contributed with new knowledge. We can use the survey’s results to increase the pride and team spirit in our company,” said Tom Lindquist.