Our director nominated Member of the Year in Connect Denmark

The candidates for Member of the Year 2018 in Connect Denmark has been published. The director of Grønbech, Susanne Lindø, is one of three possible winners in Eastern Denmark, who have been nominated for the title.

“The competing candidates are truly qualified for the price. I am honoured to be nominated, but I know that the other nominees contribute to competent advising of entrepreneurs and growth businesses,” says Susanne Lindø.

Susanne Lindø has been the executing director of Grønbech and together with her husband, Karl Erik Grønbech, running the company the last 12 years. She uses network such as Connect Denmark to get new clients. Furthermore, she meets other business leaders in Connect Denmark to spare with.

“I meet company owners, who are a lot more competent that I am, and who makes me think in new ways and look in new perspectives. I actually receive new education in leadership at Connect Denmark,” says Susanne Lindø.

Sparring with focus on human aspects

Connect Denmark is a national wide business network of 800 members, who voluntarily helps entrepreneurs and growth businesses in the right direction with professional and strategic sparring. The network consists of experienced leaders from SME’s, big companies and organisations.

Susanne Lindø is nominated Member of the Year due to her several ways of contributing in Connect Denmark. She often participates in the panel, is well prepared, competent and has always a smile on her lips.

“Susanne contributes to a positive and constructive environment and has a unique capability of looking not only at the professional aspects, but also human aspects,” reasons as stated of Connect Denmark.

The human aspects are important to Susanne in her daily work at Grønbech for both her clients and employees:

“We wish to meet our clients as human beings and our interest is to figure out what they want to achieve with their company. At Grønbech our DNA is to help owners of companies, directors in SME’s and specialists to create visibility and tell their good stories. In Grønbech., we want to hire and develop young talents to take care of client relations and communication tasks,” says Susanne Lindø.

30 years of marketing and communication experience

The bag of Susanne Lindø is fully packed with 30 years of experience with in communication and marketing. Therefore, she knows how to position companies to clients by telling the good stories in PR, on web, social media and movies. She also has great experience with handling crisis communication.

“At Grønbech we make sure to tell the good stories and help our clients in crisis-related image situations. We make sure that our clients spend their marketing resources, where it generates most value,” says Susanne Lindø and continues:

“We communicate that the clients benefit from our work. Our segment are specialists and business owners in SME’s, and we want to position our self as the agency who collaborate with niche businesses,”

Members of Connect Denmark can vote for Susanne Lindø as Member of the Year until the 17th of April here, and read more about the nomination here.