30th anniversary in the communication industry

30 years of communication for specialists together and the technological development has made Susanne Lindø Grønbech an experienced owner and director in the communications industry.

As a director of her own PR and communication agency, Grønbech in Dragør, she now uses her communication experience to make specialist companies successful by telling their good stories.

Storytelling has always been the core of communication for Susanne Lindø Grønbech. It creates visibility for the benefit of the technical industry and specialist companies.

“My vision is, and always has been, to make the most talented specialists more visible and recognized in their industry and the rest of the world. What makes the specific company different, what do they wish to communicate and how do they reach the right target groups through good stories? That is the essence of storytelling,” says Susanne Lindø Grønbech.

Experiences from a giant technological journey

Susanne Lindø Grønbech has witnessed a rapid technological development in the communication industry the past 30 years:

“In my first job at Midtkraft back in 1991, I had no internet. Our press releases were sent by fax to 35 editors at a time. When Google appeared in the late 90s, I started working with website design and content,” she says.

For the past 12 years Susanne Lindø Grønbech has run the agency Grønbech. The agency is specialised in storytelling, strategies, crisis management and campaigns.

“The technological journey through 30 years in the communication industry has been very exciting. The industry has evolved from handheld communication to many different digital and social channels,” she says, and adds:

“Students of today are far better equipped for the industry than I ever was. I enjoy creating a good working environment for hardworking, talented and well-educated communication people. In Grønbech they can make a difference for SME’s and specialist companies.”

According to Susanne Lindø Grønbech, there is no doubt that we will continue to see several new trends in the communications industry due to the technological development:

“The communication profession is constantly evolving. It is important for agency owners and our employees to keep us up to date and ensure that our services remain relevant. I think visual communication such as films, images and infographics will have a rising impact in the years to come.”

Communication newbie for many specialist companies

The interest in communication and niche companies already began during her education. In 1989 Susanne Lindø Grønbech graduated from the Royal Institute of Veterinary and Agricultural University with a supplementary education in linguistic communication at Aarhus University.

“Throughout my career, I acquired many communication disciplines which I have been able to use in several major companies. For many years, I worked on building internal communications departments.

The skills and experiences I have been allowed to develop has taught me how to make a difference for specialist companies,” says the experienced communicator.

In her first job as an information officer at the former power plant company Midtkraft, she established a better relationship between the company and its surroundings. Later, she used her storytelling skills as an Information Manager for the oil and gas company OK Amba.

“At that time, the company knowledge was limited. People connected Shell with the oil industry. It was important for me to establish OK as a consumer company – more an association than a business. OK got a vote in the public debate, and we ended up getting on the journalists’ source lists and getting more visibility,” she says.

As the Head of Communications at Per Aarsleff A/S, Susanne Lindø Grønbech developed a communication department. Later, she also worked as the Head of Communications at Pharmacia A/S and Keops A/S.

In 2007, she founded Grønbech with her recently deceased husband.

“At Grønbech I use all my previous experiences in developing communication for technical companies in the services we offer to our clients. I am delighted to be the owner of a growing agency, in where we help specialist companies establish the visibility they need,” she says, and adds:

“My team works with curiosity, diligence and creativity. We are proud when we manage to bring our clients into the spotlight in a positive way.”

Susanne Lindø Grønbech is also involved in the local business community in Dragør. She is chairman of Dragør Revyen, a member of Dragør Rotary and for several years was vice chairman in Dragør Erhverv. In the spring, she was nominated “Member of the Year 2018” by the business network Connect Denmark.

In her spare time Susanne Lindø Grønbech loves to sail and spend time with her two children and her grandchild.