Workshop provided customer insight

As IPSCenter Denmark’s PR and communications agency, Grønbech has executed the part of a strategy workshop that deal with customer experiences and communication strategy.

Before the workshop, Grønbech interviewed the management and several customers and carried out a small competitor analysis for IPSCenter Denmark (Before named Human Recovery). Then we gave a presentation at the workshop with inspiration for the business strategy and proposals for communication strategy.

Customer analysis and business strategy

To get a good foundation for discussing business strategy and communication, we first talked to IPSCenter Denmarks owner Lars Olaf Nielsen about how he looked at the company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Then we interviewed selected key customers about their experience about their cooperation with IPSCenter Denmark and their views on the company’s strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Finally, we conducted a comparison of the communication and marketing that IPSCenter Denmark and similar companies had done until now.

All this resulted in a presentation for inspiration on a strategy workshop held by IPSCenter Denmark in late 2018. At the workshop, Lars Olaf Nielsen worked with his key employees to formulate business strategy and plan for 2019:

“The most interesting and valuable that Grønbech presented, are the results of the interviews with selected customers,” says Lars Olaf Nielsen and continues:

“They gave us a good direction for the business strategy and for communication and marketing.”

Communication strategy that improve the business

At the workshop, Grønbech also presented a proposal for IPSCenter Denmark to work more efficient with storytelling in the future. Stories about the company’s knowledge, services, projects, results, people and opinions. Our proposal was later adjusted and designed as the new IPSCenter Denmark Communication Strategy.

“The workshop showed the way for our business strategy 2019. We have taken into account how customers look at us and what they expect from us in the future,” says Lars Olaf Nielsen and continues:

“In addition, we have got some new perspectives on our marketing and how we can tell our good stories. We are very pleased with Grønbech as our communications agency.”