Branding through storytelling

We create visibility for the specialist company ODIN Engineering by finding and portraying the good stories about the company and their creation of business-critical specialized machines for international industrial companies. We do this on the web, industry portals, through PR and on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well as in YouTube films.

The storytelling about ODIN Engineering leads to greater recognition among potential customers in the industry and among potential employees in the local area. At the same time, the stories strengthen the good team spirit at the machine factory, which causes employees to engage online.

“It is important for us to inform about ourselves to make ourselves attractive to potential customers within the industry and to attract new employees and apprentices from the local area. Especially during the Corona crisis, it has been important for us to advise about how we, as a company and among the employees, handle the situation,” said CEO of ODIN Engineering, Mads S. Rasmussen and continues:

“From the beginning, Grønbech have been able to understand and develop storytelling with respect for our older values, which they communicate through stories across our channels.”

Proper collaboration on public relations and communication

Grønbech’s PR and communication for ODIN Engineering runs now into its third year in a close and well-functioning collaboration:

“We complement each other and respect each other. At the same time, Grønbech are quick to execute the stories. They follow the production plans and deliver on time – even under great pressure and tight deadlines,” said Mads S. Rasmussen.

He added that the collaboration also helps ODIN to become more aware of the company’s good stories:

“As an external Communications Agency, Grønbech are good at challenging us and making us see new angles on the stories. They also like to engage in dialogue with our customers about which stories to tell and how to develop them.”

Local branding and online news to strengthen ODIN’s team spirit

Storytelling on the web, social media and through PR has given ODIN Engineering a stronger online presence and greater external visibility. Absolutely not least, branding in the local area:

“We receive positive feedback and experience greater interest from the business community and local educational institutions, which is important for us. At the same time, we see that many people read the stories in the newspapers or on social media and we constantly receive new followers on both Facebook and LinkedIn,” said Mads S. Rasmussen.

According to Mads S. Rasmussen, the good stories also reinforce the positive team spirit of the company, which makes employees engage and contribute to online branding:

“Employees often get excited and proud after reading the stories about each other and our work on developing business-critical specialized machines. That is why they wish to contribute with likes, comments and sharing of the stories on social media.”

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