Crisis strengthened consultants

A2Z Move Management emerged in the wake of a another company’s bankruptcy. Grønbech adviced A2Z to tell the story of their background and utilize it in a PR-activity.

A2Z offers guidance and expert advice for companies and public institutions on the brink of physically moving all or part of their business. A2Z minimizes the clients loss of day-to-day operations.

The story of A2Z and their remarkable consulting-company had obvious advantages seen in a PR-perspective. It’s an interesting story involving a hostile takeover of a company and a die-hard entrepreneur, who went back to the drawing board and started again – this time even stronger.


Grønbech’s PR-strategy resulted in an article published on the entire backpage of daily business-newspaper Børsen. In the article A2Z’s founder elaborated on his experiences, the bankruptcy and his ability to keep his head high and start from the beginning with a new family business.

The story was subsequently picked up by two nationwide special media and the local paper for Zealand, which published a two page article featuring A2Z’s founder as the main subject.

The story was published a total of eight times in both print and digital media.

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