New communication strategy

The social economic enterprise HKI has obtained a new operational communication strategy, which supports the business strategy and strengthens the communication on the social media.

Hans Knudsen Instituttet (HKI) helps and supports people outside the labour market or the education system to ensure an active and meaningful life in relation to work as well as education.

Fast strategy process

Based on a few editorial meetings and insights into HKI’s 2020 plan “Job and Education for All”, Grønbech made a draft for a new communication strategy. The strategy was presented at a seminar for the management team, who was given the opportunity to give their input.

Only three weeks after our first meeting with HKI, the communication strategy was completed and approved.

“The strategy process went really fast. Normally it is not possible to make a communication strategy at such a pace, but it was possible because we were well prepared and because Grønbech was very skilled and quick to understand our company, vision, mission and values, so that we could quickly execute the strategy,” says Hans-Christian Jacobsen, CEO of HKI.

An obvious partner

HKI first became acquainted with Grønbech, when we held a course at the Confederation of Danish Enterprise, teaching how to use the good stories in PR and social media as effective marketing.

“We are very excited about the approach Grønbech has in the field. The way they work with the good stories hits the core of our business, where we work with people who are having a hard time, but are better off being in a process with us. We therefore had no doubt that Grønbech was the obvious partner, ” says Hans-Christian Jacobsen, and continues:

“Grønbech has a very big strategic understanding, brings all communication platforms in play and advice on how they play together. We appreciate that they are skilled, conscientious, ambitious on their own and on our behalf and are also good at project management.”

A communication strategy that can be used

It is crucial for HKI that the communication strategy is operational – especially in relation to the use of social media, where several employees are involved in the content and publishing.

As part of the strategy plan for future communication, Grønbech also made a presentation of social media sub-strategies and hands-on guides on how HKI will be present and act on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

“We are just heading into the active use of social media. We are convinced that we now have got a solid, relevant and effective strategy that is being properly unfolded,” says Hans-Christian Jacobsen.

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