Storytelling for specialists

“We wanted to promote Cabcon’s brand a little more,” says CEO Brian Dehlsen about the reason for starting a collaboration with Grønbech PR and Communication.

“Grønbech helps us boost our marketing by telling good stories – and they also publish our news items and case stories on our website and on LinkedIn,” he adds.

Storytelling on the internet and LinkedIn for niche companies

Grønbech PR and Communication’s forte is to raise the profiles of specialists and niche companies among very specific target groups by telling interesting company stories on websites and social media. And Cabcon’s management quickly saw the point in this type of marketing.

Cabcon’s management and employees are highly specialised professionals from the electronics industry who help large manufacturing companies design electronic components and ensure supply of cables, switches and passive components to be used in the finished products.

In recent years, Cabcon has focused on entering into strategic partnerships with its largest customers. In addition, it has established a close collaboration with several growing Scandinavian electronics manufacturers, for which Cabcon secures supply of cables, switches and components.

Cabcon wants to describe this development and continue the growth in collaboration with its major industrial customers.

Storytelling that supports branding and growth

“We were recommended Grønbech through our network, and they visited us and told us about how we can work with storytelling as a strategy. How we can find the good stories and how Grønbech gives them life on the web and social media. This idea of storytelling made us choose Grønbech, as we thought it was an exciting thought,” says Brian Dehlsen.

Brian Dehlsen and his two partners are happy with the client interviews that Grønbech’s employees conduct and translate into good stories. The stories show how Cabcon works with its customers. It’s also important for Cabcon that the stories give an insight into the company’s close partnerships with its suppliers and customers across its departments in Denmark, Norway and Hong Kong.

“It’s a good story that shows the kinds of things we do and the value we create. We want to show the difference we make to our customers,” says Brian Dehlsen.

Storytelling as marketing

“If we didn’t have Grønbech to help us, we wouldn’t have people to push us and follow through on the things we agree on. Then we wouldn’t get to tell the good stories and we’d miss out on that marketing opportunity,” says Brian Dehlsen about having an external partner who ensures that the good stories are communicated, so Cabcon can spend more time on the company’s day-to-day activities.

At the same time, it appeals to Brian Dehlsen that the storytelling describes Cabcon’s collaborations and competencies in a different format from a direct advertisement. He feels this is a good way to convey Cabcon’s messages and client relationships.

“We like this way of working with our marketing,” he says.

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