Byggeriets Pressebureau

Grønbech welcome an associated partner and strengthens its position as a preferred partner for companies in the construction and real estate industry

Entering 2021, Grønbech acquires “Byggeriets Pressebureau” – a niche-oriented journalistic company that specializes in advising and implementing press contact for companies throughout the construction industry’s supply chain. The previous owner of this bureau will also be an associated partner and senior advisor at Grønbech.

“The construction and real estate industry are undergoing rapid development with increased demands for sustainability, working environment, strengthened efficiency and quality. This is driven by new digital tools, new materials and processes as well as new forms of collaboration,” says our director Susanne Lindø Grønbech and adds:

“In this perspective, effective communication both internally and externally is a crucial success parameter. Grønbech have always worked with the construction and real estate industry and with the acquisition of “Byggeriets Pressebureau” we are now putting extra turbo on our commitment in these two, very exciting, industries.”

Susanne Lindø Grønbech points out that “Byggeriets Pressebureau” will be continued.

Journalist H.C. Kiilerich-Hansen has more than 35 years of experience as a communications consultant and journalist and he founded “Byggeriets Pressebureau” in 2012. He will now become a senior consultant and associated partner at Grønbech PR and Communication.

“With the acquisition, we are building on Grønbech’s traditions as a consultant for companies within construction and real estate, and we see the continued operation of “Byggeriets Pressebureau” and the collaboration with H.C. Kiilerich-Hansen as a new strong activity that paves the way for significant synergies and growth,” she says.

At the same time, Grønbech will be provided with a strong journalistic pen with an in-depth knowledge of the construction challenges and a significant network that covers a wide range of the construction industry’s educations, suppliers, companies, and the media.

“I am very pleased that H.C. Kiilerich-Hansen has agreed to our future cooperation, and I am proud to welcome him at our team,” says Susanne Lindø Grønbech.