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At Grønbech we are experts in finding and telling your good stories in PR, on the webpage, Social Media, in online film, marketing materials and events.

It is our experience that when we tell good stories, it improves our customer’s business and results. Curious on how we do?

We use PR as marketing by telling good stories in newspapers, magazines and electronic media. We provide the salesmen with a tool box containing good websites, newsletters, materials, campaigns and events. We create branding with online videos. We help companies and associations to communicate effectively on social medias and we ensure, that our customers use their marketing budget in the most efficient way.

We already help more than 50 companies and organizations with communication that benefit the business. And it will be our pleasure to help you.

The coming-up workshops at Grønbech Academy is about giving you the tools to make your organization more visible and successful by telling good stories.

At Grønbech Academy you will get new knowledge, inspiration and specific tools to:

• Use PR as effective marketing
• Enhance the tool box for your sales force
• Use online video as effective marketing
• Achieve high ROI from marketing
• Use SoMe (Social Media) for B-to-B marketing

We arrange Grønbech Academy workshops at our office for larger and smaller groups.

We also take Grønbech Academy or parts of Grønbech Academy out in excternal courses and meetings when we are invited.

All Grønbech Academy workshops are adapted to the participants – especially for industrial associations and B-to-B companies.

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