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Grønbech works with In House Design

The advertising agency In House Design located in Ballerup includes a handful of complimented creative employees led by Lisbeth Sand.

We work together with In House Design because the bureau in many ways resembles Grønbech – in size, way of working and ambition on behalf of customers.

Full service advertising and communication

Together we can offer full service agency deliveries. From strategy development, storytelling, PR over creative design, graphic production and pull or push support to the marketing and sales organization.

“When you choose to use In House Design, you are at risk of being so pleased with our ability to execute that you become a long-term customer, just like many other leading world brands in our current customer portfolio – such as Bosch,” says Lisbeth Sand from In House Design.

Easier, faster and more efficient

It’s the In House Design’s mission to make life easier for customers by having a profound and thorough technical know-how about all types of marketing products and services. The agency is geared to supply all types of materials and promotional campaigns in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In addition, In House Design often demonstrates the strength of having a good international network of both small and large suppliers. Therefore, In House Design is highly competitive in terms of delivery time and price level.

Promotions that stand out

“Basically, the good idea will never be out of fashion! At In House Design we bear that in mind when we work to strengthen our customers’ brands in order for them to stand out – within the design guidelines that must be met once and for all, “says Lisbeth Sand.

The history of House Designs dates to 1993.

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