Newsletter marketing

Newsletters for your employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders help to remind them of your company. In newsletters you get to tell the good stories about your events, products, services, results, people, and how you make a difference.

Among other, Grønbech helps Sparringspartnerne, an association that provides free counseling to entrepreneurs and SMEs to market itself with newsletters for its professional network.

“Our overall goal is for our newsletters to have as wide a range as possible. We are particularly interested in reaching out to the companies that can benefit from a counseling process with us. They must be inspired to participate in our network meetings and events, where they are presented with counseling cases and where they receive relevant tools that can benefit the business,” explains Niels Buchholst, who is the chairman of Sparringspartnerne.

Newsletters  are generally great for creating visibility, online activity and other kinds of engagement. For Sparringspartnerne, the newsletters are primarily useful marketing of the association’s events. In the newsletters there is a link to the program and registration for the association’s meetings, workshops and conferences.

“The newsletters provides us with many sign-ups for our events. Up to 100 people usually come to our annual meetings, many of whom have read the newsletters. That is exactly why marketing our events in the newsletters is of great importance to us,” says Niels.

There are many hundreds of recipients of Sparringspartnernes newsletters, and each publication is read by every third recipient. Also, a high proportion of readers click on links.

Newsletter benefits the association’s image

Newsletters help Sparringspartnerne to reach out with the association’s messages and create visibility around the association’s activities. But it also benefits the association’s image and impact.

“It is important for us to give a clear picture of the activities we have in the association. The newsletters give us visibility and a public image by showing who we are and what activities we carry out,” says Niels.

The newsletter of Sparringspartnerne is a benefit to the association’s partners, members, and the companies that the association helps counseling. Therefore, there is great interest from all sides to contribute with stories and content to the newsletters. The newsletter contains – besides publicity about upcoming events – current topics, case studies, and portraits that readers can relate to.

All in all, the association receives good response and expressions from readers. Niels says:

“We get really good reviews from our newsletters. There are several people who write spontaneously that they have read the newsletter and think it is exciting and relevant.”

An inspiring collaboration creates good results

The good results stem from an inspiring collaboration. Chairman of Sparringspartnerne Niels Buchholst, says that he enjoys meeting with his contact persons at Grønbech to develop news, events, and other initiatives around the association. About the collaboration with Grønbech he explains:

“We have a good dialogue and meet regularly. We talk about the collaboration, develop new ideas and throw many balls into the air. I really appreciate that. The physical meetings are important. There are so many creative ideas on the field that I think are absolutely fantastic.”

He continues:

“The collaboration with Grønbech is excellent. The agency delivers high-quality professionalism to our newsletters, and we can see that visibility works.”