PR efforts for a special business entrepreneur

An efficient PR effort focusing on the positive development of your company may give you greater visibility and a stronger reputation with your audience.

At least this is what the fast growing IT-support company GladTeknik from Hvidovre experienced. Within a few years they have achieved great success with quick and inexpensive computer repairs for private costumers and companies across all of Zealand.

Grønbech PR & Communications has assisted GladTeknik producing PR that has resulted in coverage in daily newspapers, specialist magazines and local newspapers. GladTeknik has therefore achieved more employees and customers and furthermore strengthened its position in the IT industry.

Business has grown with amazing speed for GladTeknik which recently moved to a new and bigger office in Hvidovre in order to have more space for employees and to keep up with rising demands. The timing for a PR effort was therefore perfect according to GladTekniks owner and CEO, Mathias Nielsen:

“We have achieved a lot of successes very fast. It was important for us to tell of our successes to the outside world, so that we could reach out to more people that are in need of a computer repair. The more people that hears the good stories, the better,” Mathias Nielsen says. He continues:

“Also, it was important for us to make ourselves visible in the IT industry and make people notice our special skills. Because we have important insight of people save money by getting a repair at our place rather than just preplacing their pc.

In connection with the PR effort it was important for Mathias Nielsen to communicate the company policy of hiring people with different diagnoses.

“I have been diagnosed with both autism, asperger syndrome and a couple of other diagnosis like ADD, and so have most people at GladTeknik. It has not been easy for me to get a job myself. After countless visits at a lot of companies I finally got an internship at an Apple workshop, where I figured out what I was good at.” Says Mathias Nielsen and continues:

This is a story that I want tell to inspire other young people with diagnoses. Now we have had 15 people with diagnoses in internships ad GladTeknik,” says Mathias Nielsen. He adds that there has been a interest in the company after they launched the PR effort. They even had to establish a waiting list for interns.

The DNA of GladTeknik was strengthened by the media coverage

The PR effort has resulted in two large articles in Børsen Self Employed and Børsen Sunday, a fact that makes Mathias Nielsen both proud and satisfied.

Furthermore, the story has been published in Hvidovre Avis and Sydkysten and given GladTeknik more visibility in the local area.

“I am completely satisfied with the PR effort that Grønbech has delivered. The business story they told has always been a part of our company, but now they are even visible to existing customers, new customers and employees,” says Mathias Nielsen.

To promote the story internally at GladTeknik the Børsen article is illustrated just inside at the main door of the company. The Media coverage is also visible at GladTekniks website and across all social media platforms.

“It is the first thing you will see when you enter the door at our office. It has more impact when the press is telling our story. We wish to make it a part of our DNA, so that people can recognize our business story and remember it,” says Mathias Nielsen.

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