Public relations

We strengthen public relations for companies and organisations, creating relationships that build visibility and sympathy with key stakeholders.

Together, we develop your PR strategy and identify stories that support our PR initiatives. We also reach out to selected media outlets and place your stories where your target audience will see them, read about them or hear about them.

We harmonise your PR and other communication activities, including your online presence, sales activities, etc., to ensure that you achieve the greatest return on investment that your PR can deliver.

Our many years of experience dealing with journalists and the media allow us to identify and create meaningful and productive PR communication for ambitious companies and organisations like yours.

Even before you start to deliver your message, we organise press conferences and train your spokespersons to project the right image and message to the media. Through our work together, we ensure that your organisation and spokespersons will be able to handle both friendly and critical media interactions.

We provide media lists and media monitoring. We offer crisis response and a “crisis simulator,” where you can practice how to handle a crisis, before it becomes serious.