Stock Exchange listed companies have particular obligations in their communication with their stakeholders. It must provide the markets and stakeholders with concurrent access to information that may affect the assessed value of the company.

Investor Relations, IR, is about meeting the obligations and about securing the company access to capital through open and confident relationships with shareholders, analysts, the media and other important stakeholders.

Relevant, timely and clear communication is the  key to this process.

There are numerous channels of communication; from the announcements to the market on the company’s website; shareholder magazines; web-based newsletters; PR; capital market days and road shows.

Grønbech have many years of experience in choosing the communication channels and tools best suited to the specific listed company, in order to ensure that news is presented in a timely, credible and easily understood manner.

Moreover, we have experience in planning and conducting general assemblies, publishing semi-annual and annual accounts, as well as organising telephone and video conferences and live streaming on the internet.