New leads from Social media

At Grønbech we have created content for digital marketing platforms and helped the company Kun Terrasser being established with social media.

Good content and strong client cases increase the visibility.

“Using social media in our marketing activities has increased our visibility. Now we are visible on all platforms, and more people are aware of our company. Furthermore, Grønbech succeeded in producing cases with some of our clients, which was exactly what we wanted,” says the carpenter and owner of Kun Terrasser, Andreas la Cour, and continues:

“Grønbech has provided me with counseling and good advices and I am very satisfied with our collaboration.”

Targeted story telling generates leads and additional sales

With our targeted story telling on web, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, and targeted advertising on Facebook, Kun Terrasser obtained visibility, additional sales and more leads.

The visibility increased the traffic to Kun Terrasser’s website and a big amount of social engagement from the users by likes, sharing, and comments on social media.

The most popular client case has been viewed by more than 16.000 on social media and 683 were reading the case on the website. This engagement resulted in 23 inquires from potential new clients.

“Web and social media marketing are effective and generates good results which increases the revenue. The collaboration with Grønbech has been all the money worth it,” says Andreas la Cour.

Newsletter marketing

Newsletters for your employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders help to remind them of your company. In newsletters you get

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