Online marketing provides branding

News on the web, social media and newsletters create branding of Sparringspartnerne.

This Nonprofit Association collaborate with us to create visibility for their professional network of mentors, providing free and competent sparring for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Grønbech helps to update the association’s website, promote events via the web, social media and newsletters, and occasionally conducts public relations activities that gives the association editorial coverage in the media.

High quality marketing

“We are very happy and satisfied with our cooperation with Grønbech,” says Sparringpartnerne’s chairman Niels Buchholst and adds:

“They deliver high quality and professionalism to our newsletters, web and social media, and we can see that visibility works. We have a good ongoing dialogue that helps to strengthen cooperation.”

The result is greater branding and propagation

Digital communication and online marketing help Sparringpartnerne to spread the knowledge of the nonprofit mentor network, and the association reaches even more municipalities’ entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The association’s mentor concepts are complementary to public sector and municipal business services, where experienced business professionals make their skills available and networks to create even more good local jobs.

“We would like to appear as a serious network with a good reputation. With the help Grønbech, we are well on our way,  being more visible in the wider public. I am looking forward to further long-term cooperation, where we continue to strengthen and brand our network, “says Niels Buchholst.

Newsletter marketing

Newsletters for your employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders help to remind them of your company. In newsletters you get

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