Professional PR Pays Off

“If you want to avoid pushing yourself too hard with regard to company communication, you need a partner to run your communication,” says Rune Roepstorff Nissen, director and founder of Fremtidens Fundament, which are CO2-reducing foundations that can be taken apart and recycled.

When it comes to communicating your messages as a company, you can advantageously enlist external help. This means entering with a PR and communications agency that professionalizes, executes, and targets company storytelling.

Cooperation in PR and storytelling began seven years ago

Seven years ago, Fremtidens Fundament entered a partnership with Grønbech PR and Kommunikation, when Rune Roepstorff Nissen chose to outsource communication and marketing for the first time. Since then, Rune Roepstorff Nissen has on and off collaborated with Grønbech when not managing the tasks internally himself.

“We always made it a high priority to get our stories out there. We collaborated with Grønbech seven years ago for the first time when developing our website. After a while, we let the collaboration rest to try it ourselves and went all-in, with mixed results, however. Therefore, we returned to Grønbech, and we are very satisfied,” says Rune Roepstorff Nissen, who had to admit that managing business as well as communication himself is difficult.

Storytelling and PR make climate-friendly foundations visible

Fremtidens Fundament is a front-runner in a completely new type of screw foundations, which are climate-friendly and sustainable. Unlike traditional foundations, the screw foundations do not require digging and pouring concrete. You simply drill large KRINNER screws directly into the ground and place the foundations on top.

Communication is therefore a very specialized task and requires extensive knowledge of the product and industry. As a customer, Rune Roepstorff Nissen expects his external communication partner to understand his business. They must set a tone, have a strategic overview, and achieve the tasks given.

The agency’s knowledge of trade and terminology is important

“It is important that our messages are communicated with a very high professional insight, but also a deeper understanding of the tone in the construction industry. It can be a tricky balance. To meet the target groups, we must be able to explain our product in logical and correct terms,” says Rune Roepstorff Nissen and continues:

“Grønbech must be able put forward my intentions, as it is crucial for me that the key professional messages are communicated correctly. It must never become superficial, just as the communication must reflect that we have made a strategic decision to be visible in the green transition.”

When PR and storytelling work, everyday life becomes easier

As the owner of a company like Fremtidens Fundament, experiencing great interest in and demand for the product, it is a great relief to be able to entrust the dissemination of PR and storytelling to Grønbech:

“Our message comes across well, we have a good dialogue, and I feel that time and resources are being spent on us. They understand what we must do and respond quickly to the task. I am very satisfied with the outcome,” says Rune Roepstorff Nissen and points out that they would like to go from holding approx. one percent of the potential market to approx. 50 percent. The mission is also to contribute to a cultural change within the construction industry’s perception of foundations.

Sustainable elements are clearly highlighted

This requires, among other things, that communicating that Fremtidens Fundament are green and sustainable – as well as following up on the increasing interest in climate – also reaches a larger circle, such as The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Department of the Built Environment and The Danish Construction Federation.

“The need for good, straight forward communication is covered by Grønbech. In cooperation with them, our company will appear as strong and dynamic on text as in reality. We get the necessary help to contribute to pushing an agenda and to say that we have something on our minds. It’s quite a large investment, which may not pay off for a tiny carpentry company,” says Rune Roepstorff Nissen.

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