Storytelling for specialist

At Grønbech we help the specialist company Resino Printing Inks telling their good stories about the company’s inks and their innovative product development at web, social media and specialized industry magazines.
Good stories online and in specialized industry magazines gives Resino Printing Inks more visibility among packaging suppliers and manufacturers in the food industry. Moreover, the specialist company has become aware of all the good things they do well.

Resino Printing Inks produces inks to the food packing industry and is world leading in developing colors on packaging and food. A lot of Resino’s inks is used on sausage casings.

“I was told, that Grønbech is specialized in finding and telling the good stories for niche specialized companies. Therefore, they are the right partner to produce communication and marketing for Resino Printing Ink,” said CEO, Signe Cederstrøm. She adds:

“The good stories get our customers updated and makes it easier for us to attract potential customers and employees. At the same time, we are able to align our marketing on web and social media.”

Storytelling provides external visibility and internal attention

Storytelling on web, social media and in industry magazines have resulted in increased visibility for Resino. According to Signe Cederstrøm the good stories has also an internal effect for the specialized company:

“From the very beginning Grønbech has been able to point out certain perspectives in our business and new stories, that we were not aware of. Grønbech helps us to become more aware of our good stories within the organization. Furthermore, we feel safe with Grønbech as our external communication agency due to their fast execution and careful task follow up.”

Newsletter marketing

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