Annoncering på print og sociale medier

Our Grønbech team helps you create visibility for your business, products, services, results, and other messages using advertising in daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, journals, and social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

We maximise the use of your advertising budget, recommend media choices, and design ads for print and social media that create awareness, knowledge, and calls to action among your audience.

The result is an individualised advertising strategy that matches your needs for branding, messaging, audience, and desired impact.
We also ensure that the advertising complements your other marketing, PR and communications.

Advertising to print

We advise you on the content of ads and the overall visual expression.

Based on the strategy and budget, we gather prices for ads in relevant media and propose an advertising plan. We also supply information on how to verify and settle your advertising directly with the media. The discount we negotiate will accrue you 100%.

Our talented graphic designers create the ads and provide timely delivery in the right formats.


Advertising on social media

Advertising on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be an effective part of your online marketing, which creates greater visibility and attracts new customers.

We make sure your message reaches your social-media audience, creating awareness, knowledge, and calls to action among your audience. This can be accomplished through individual ads or larger campaigns.

We produce the advertising copy and graphics, create the ads, and display them to your relevant audiences. We monitor and optimise ads when they are active, and we measure the range of impact and the results.

Compared with advertising in print media, advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn can be done on a relatively small budget. We help you establish the budget and make sure that the listings and ads comply with the agreed budget.