Good YouTube videos

With online videos on the website and social media, you can get in touch with your customers while you’re occupied with something completely different.

Furthermore, video on the website makes guests stay longer as well as showing the face, body and voice of your business.

“It’s with a good reason that more than half of all marketing professionals regards video as the most effective marketing tool compared to the investment,” says Kira Paulli of Pixiweb.

At Grønbech we are specialists in PR, communication and marketing. Often, our delivery to customers also includes online video productions or video workshops in which customers are enabled to use their smartphone in online movies productions.

Since 2014, we have worked with Kira Paulli on numerous video productions and workshops. We do that because she is highly professional and always ensures that our customer’s video production leads to satisfactory results. Kira established Pixiweb in 2011 and has more than 20 years of experience in television production from Danish national broadcast, DR and TV2. She produces videos throughout the country with her camera, her drone and her broad experience.

“I’m pleased with the cooperation with Grønbech because the video productions are always well prepared,” Kira adds:

“Grønbech gives me a good briefing, so I’m know the job and result desired, before I’m in contact with the customers. At the setting, I find that everything is ready, and the participants are briefed on what is going to happen. In that way, we can produce good online videos in a very efficient way. ”

Link to some of Kira’s video productions