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Nine out of ten Danes watch videos online daily and most of us prefer to research the market online before we buy a product or a service.

Today YouTube videos draw greater attention to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and niche businesses online and make it possible to visualize key issues, products, results and employees. All in a way, where you meet the customer at eye level.

This page explains how YouTube videos strengthen your communication online and how our team at Grønbech PR & Communication helps you and your company get started with YouTube videos on web and social media.

YouTube creates awareness of your company on web and social media

Videos quickly catch the audience on web and social media and is an effective channel to reach your customers, business partners and employees.

You strengthen your brand and the awareness of your company when YouTube videos become part of your company’s online marketing. In addition, the advantages are:

  • You get more attention with YouTube videos.
  • YouTube videos invite the audience inside your company.
  • Leaders and employees have their say in YouTube videos and inspire trust.
  • YouTube videos boost your online marketing.
  • YouTube videos enhance the SEO of your homepage.

YouTube videos attract more attention

A video says more than a thousand words. With a YouTube video you retain the attention of potential customers as much as six times longer than you do with a written text. YouTube also generates bigger user commitment on web and social media where online videos raise the odds that your customers and contacts will interact and like, comment and share.

Among others, at Grønbech PR and communication we have helped Skou Gruppen incorporate YouTube videos in a campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn. The videos featuring employees explaining what it is like to work at Skou Gruppen, have generated great awareness with many likes, clicks and people sharing. All of which have resulted in many views and a marked increase in the number of Skou Gruppen followers on LinkedIn. The many views are also due to the fact that the videos have subtitles as well as an auto play function, so the videos make sense even though the sound is off, and they are played automatically in the newsfeed of the users.

 YouTube videos invite the audience inside

You can explain more about your company in one minute in a YouTube video compared to an article containing a thousand words. Therefore, YouTube makes it easier to tell new customers what you are all about, how you work and who your employees are.

Our customer Fremtidens Fundament uses YouTube to generate more visual awareness of the company’s core product, the ground screw, where the message can be complicated to communicate as written text. YouTube makes it easier and faster for the customers to pick up on, what the ground screw is all about.

Modstrøm also uses YouTube to generate visual awareness about the positive difference that the customers experience. At Grønbech PR and communication, we have helped Modstrøm bring their good stories about the company into play with posts with customer statements as well as the production of whole new videos. Here, employees explain how they help their customers and give good advice on how they can get better at saving energy.

YouTube videos inspire trust

If you include your customers, business partners and employees in YouTube videos like Fischer and ODIN Engineering, you will achieve a higher level of trust in your product. In YouTube videos you can illustrate advantages and return to your target audience with statements from customers and business partners. Videos can also create a nice atmosphere when you address your target audience directly in an informal, humorous or formal tone.

YouTube videos boost online marketing

It is easy for your company to share videos on web and social media. Therefore, your content on YouTube will often result in an increase in the number of leads based on your online marketing. The so-called conversion rate for online videos is higher compared to ordinary content.

We help several companies to incorporate YouTube as part of their online communication and marketing and we also have a taste of our own medicine with the Grønbech channel.

YouTube videos enhance the SEO of your homepage

Compared to other kinds of content, YouTube increases the odds that your company appears in the Google search results if you enter the right search words in the text of the video. YouTube videos also help your company attract the attention of the customers making them stay longer on your website.

YouTube videos: Grønbech PR and communication gets you started

At Grønbech PR and communicaiton, we strengthen corporate communication with YouTube videos for web and social media and we tailor YouTube videos in accordance with your needs.

We make storyboards for videos and we have business partners who record video, edit, speak, caption and compose music for you. We help you produce interesting content that attracts attention from your target audience. From idea and concept to execution on your channels.

At the bottom of the page you find some of the YouTube and online videos that we have produced for our customers.

Grønbech PR and communication offers YouTube workshops

We also offers workshops on YouTube video production for companies. During the workshop we prime you to make professional recordings with simple equipment. As a participant you acquire specific tools to prepare short videos for YouTube that you can use in your marketing on web and social media.

Occasionally open courses are offered at Grønbech PR and communication in Dragør – fill out the contact formula to receive more information. Moreover, workshops are conducted on demand at your place and where your key employees reside.

Åbne kurser tilbydes af og til hos Grønbech PR og kommunikation i Dragør – udfyld kontaktformularen for at få mere information. Desuden gennemføres workshops on demand ude hos dig og dine nøglemedarbejdere.

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