Employer branding attracts and retains employees

Employer branding works. When your company is known as one of the best workplaces in your industry, it will be easier to attract and retain good employees.

New employees are more likely to spot the possibility of a job in your company. The pride and loyalty of your employees will increase when the company is well known and recognized. Here are some tips and examples of how to market your company as a good workplace:

Marketing the company as a workplace

Employer branding is about influencing your network’s attitude towards your business as a workplace, and the purpose is usually to attract, retain and develop good employees. You can do it by telling good stories about: • Projects in which your company participate • Results your company achieve • Your strategy and future prospects • Challenges that your company meet and solve • Difference your company make for customers, employees and the community • The culture of your company and how it materializes It is basically about promoting the company. And the more you can let the customers, employees and good examples speak for themselves, the more authentic, trustworthy and effective this marketing becomes. The more you can educate your employees and your network to be good ambassadors for your business, the better it works. Most people prefer to look for a job with a company or organization that is recognized as a good place to work. Some may hear about your business through networks, while others discover you in the media and on social media. If you want to attract new, skilled employees, you must be sharp to tell the good story about the workplace in a way that arouses future employees’ interest. Read more about it here, how your employees become digital ambassadors for the company’s brand.

Make your business visible in attracting and retaining employees

The good stories can be used on your web, your profiles on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn and as small video clips on YouTube. And in PR activities, where you get editorial reviews in professional journals, local media and nationwide news media.

Recruitment and retention with good stories

It makes a huge difference when you make and publish only a good story once or twice each month, which illustrates the topics mentioned above. The result will be a continuous online history of what your accomplish and are concerned with in your business, how your company work and how it is. It makes a huge difference, for the employees’ pride and loyalty, that the company’s stories become visible. Such as, for example, Høyrup & Clemmensen has experienced it. It also makes things easier the day you have job postings on job portals and on your own web, Facebook and LinkedIn. Once your company is known and recognized, you will probably also get more interested guests at your local job festivals. Applicants see themselves more clearly as potential new employees in your company when they have a sense of what is happening in the company. Such as they are able to with Odin Engineering’s new web and social media.

Strategic communication, recruitment and branding

In addition to attracting and retaining good employees, you also need to ensure that customers and business partners often hear about your business and have your company top-of-mind when in need of your products and services. Employer branding also affects customers and collaborators who, through your good stories, get a clearer picture of your company and how it works. This means that employer branding can be a part of general marketing even if you do not experience problems attracting and retaining good employees – such as, for example, the Skou Group uses it in YouTube videos on the web and on LinkedIn.

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