Good Stories in PR

“At Agria Animal Insurance, we need a specialist communications agency, that understands how to convey information-heavy and nerdy data in a relevant and interesting way,” says Tine Stabell, Director of Agria Animal Insurance.

It requires an understanding of specialized communication tasks and due diligence when a niche company like Agria Animal Insurance conveys its messages to the public. Therefore, the communications agency – in collaboration with the customer – must be skilled at translating professional knowledge into catchy press releases.

Specialists need down-to-earth messages

“The core of our collaboration with Grønbech PR og Kommunikation, a relatively new acquaintance since February 2022, is assisting us in communicating a slightly geeky world to a wider audience via good stories to the press. As we are a specialized company, it is important that our messages are released in a relevant way and are understandable,” explains Tine Stabell and emphasizes that the customers of Agria Animal Insurance are daily pet owners.

The content of the press releases is provided by Agria Animal Insurance. Grønbech completes the specific stories and presents the stories to relevant contact persons on selected media – as well as broadcasting them widely.

Long-term cooperation the best

“We like to have long-term relationships with business partners and we have had the same permanent communications agency since 2011. When they suddenly closed down, we were looking for a new agency. We chose Grønbech, as one of their employees had worked in our previous agency,” explains Tine Stabell. It was easy to move on, because this employee knew Agria very well from his work at the prior agency.

Short deadlines are met

At Agria Animal Insurance, they are satisfied with the way tasks are solved. Tine Stabell experiences efficient procedures and a great degree of flexibility and friendliness:

“We often face short deadlines for a piece of news, provided by our owners in Sweden. We want to spread those messages quickly within Denmark as well, since with us – just like with everyone else – things may appear in the media and it is important that we get the word out immediately,” says Tine Stabell and continues:

“It is a well-functioning collaboration and we are content with having occasional meetings to achieve a “touch base” with communication tasks. They are indeed professionals and show great understanding of a somewhat geeky set-up. We always experience a friendly tone and a pleasant mood.”

Insurance material made easy to understand

If Agria Animal Insurance are to point out how they benefit from their collaboration, it must be the communication maintained at a high professional level in the press releases issued. The primary task of Grønbech is to transform and disseminate heavy technical material, which must be made easily accessible to stakeholders.

“It’s nice to get a fresh view of our data containing technical results and knowledge-heavy reports. Our PR procedures benefit from obtaining relevant input, which we especially experienced at the beginning of the year, when we started the collaboration,” says Tine Stabell, who has been able to ascertain that the communication task has been done very well.

As the industry within the animal world is constantly developing, it is crucial for a company like Agria Animal Insurance that communication is always 100 percent up to date with news, although it can be difficult as things are moving so fast.

“It requires something extraordinary to service a company as geeky as ours, but we are so far off to a good start. It requires a great deal of insight into current and relevant issues, which will develop naturally over time,” concludes Tine Stabell, who will certainly recommend Grøenbech PR og Kommunikation.

15 year anniversary

As the Specialists’ Communication Agency, Grønbech turns 15 years now. Better rather than bigger, is our motto, which has developed

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