Heidi Vikke fra Premed er glad for sit samarbejde om kommunikation med Grønbech PR og Kommunikation.

Branding by storytelling

PreMed is in the process of creating a strong brand in the field of ambulance services and disability aid centers in Denmark. The collaboration with Grønbech on branding and storytelling that has brought PreMed into the limelight.

“As a relatively new company, we want to create a strong brand and a consistency in our communication to the world around us, but we did not have the resources to have our own PR department. That is why we chose to hire Grønbech PR and communications, and we have not regretted it one bit – they are worth every penny!” says deputy director of PreMed, Heidi Storm Vikke.

Anders and Heidi Storm Vikke were employed at Falck for many years, Anders as an EMT and station manager, Heidi as head of research. With that background, they want to develop an ambulance and health service which provides care and security to the citizens, and which is also an attractive workplace for the employees, where professionalism and well-being are highly valued.

They, therefore, started PreMed and are now responsible for, among other things, ambulance driving in the North Denmark Region and disability aid centers in the Region of Southern Denmark. And they have ambitions to spread PreMed to even more regions in Denmark.

A unified communications solution

PreMed needed help in several areas within branding and storytelling to reach more potential employees and customers. The logo needed to be reworked and a new website had to be designed. They also needed help with employer branding, PR, and storytelling on social media.

Unlike some of the other PR and communications agencies that PreMed had spoken to, Grønbech was able to deliver a unified communications solution for all the different tasks. According to Heidi Storm Vikke, this together with Grønbech’s working style are some of the reasons why PreMed chose Grønbech as a partner.

“Grønbech were very clear on what they could deliver, and they understood our culture and values. They made a thorough analysis of our needs and were quick to find our voice,” she says.

Targeted PR and storytelling

After a short startup period with a series of manager and employee interviews, the targeted PR and storytelling began which focuses on showing what PreMed is as a health service, company, and workplace. At the same time, a strategy for the collaboration was also drawn up, the logo reworked, a new website created, and an image bank established.

Subsequently, the ongoing collaboration works in such a way that both parties come up with ideas for new stories and content for both the website, social media, and PR. Grønbech is both executor and leader of PreMed’s PR activities:

“We often come up with ideas for stories, and Grønbech makes sure that they fit into PreMed’s narrative, and that they are the right stories published at the right time and to the right people. We always feel well guided in our storytelling, and the road from idea to execution is never long,” says Heidi Storm Vikke and adds:

“After we started working with Grønbech, our stories have reached much further than ever before.”

Exposure on social media

PreMed primarily uses Facebook and LinkedIn as a supplement to the website’s news to have the stories reach as many people as possible. Sometimes, the PR activities also ensure that some of the stories gain local and national media coverage.

These tasks Grønbech solves to Heidi Storm Vikke’s great satisfaction. PreMed has both achieved greater exposure, more engagement from the public and significantly more followers on LinkedIn and Facebook, since Grønbech has been overseeing the activities. In addition, PreMed’s media management has become more professional.

Heidi Storm Vikke can also feel the positive changes, which the collaboration with Grønbech has initiated, in her surroundings. 

“Many of the people I speak to praise the measures, we have taken together with Grønbech. For example, the new website and our activities on Facebook and LinkedIn. It is great that it is not only in the statistics that we can see an improvement in our exposure, but the new changes catch people’s eyes and become a topic of conversation.” says Heidi Storm Vikke.

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