High-quality photos are crucial to your story’s effective, efficient and visual communication. We collaborate with professional photographers from all around Denmark. Each has broad experience creating photos specific to press releases, the Internet and other marketing materials.

Photographer Thomas Olesen:

Thomas works with both companies and people in private. He is excelent when portraying people, companies, projects and events. In addition, Thomas takes pride in selecting the best shots from each session. Selected photos will be processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Photographer Anette Sønderby:

Photos of your employees, workplace, client deliveries, events, and more can tell stories and give an impression of your company’s culture and values.
Photos promote your company to new and existing clients.

Anette Sønderby is one of the photographers who shoots high-quality professional photos for our clients. She was educated as a photojournalist at the Danish School of Media & Journalism and has 15 years of experience as a photojournalist with a specialisation in reportage and business portrait photos.

“As a long-term photographer for several of Grønbech’s clients, I tell stories through pictures and create a consistent visual style, so that the clients recognise themselves in all channels,” says Anette Sønderby.

Photographer Kirsten Adler:

Kirsten Adler has a profound passion for photos and her career as a photographer. She works with several instruments and creative angles that capture the DNA of individuals, products, and companies. Kirsten Adler has many years of experience as a photographer. She has a special talent for making people who are not used to posing in front of the camera look relaxed and natural, capturing the special, personal moment in the picture.

Photographer Mogens Skou:

Mogens Skou

Using his creative skills, Mogens Skou highlights your company and your products’ value. He transforms neutral, everyday products into strong, visual promotional materials. Mogens Skou has more than 40 years of experience producing advertising photos. He specialises in photos for industrial companies and portraits of managers and directors.

Photographer Dan Møller:

Starting at an early age, Dan Møller has been deeply fascinated by photography. He comes from a visually artistic family and arranged his first photo exhibition at the age of 13. Since 2011, Dan Møller has been working as a professional press photographer for newspapers and magazines in Copenhagen. If you need strong, professional photographs for marketing, PR, social media, press, websites, and events, Dan Møller is the obvious choice.

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