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PR agency in Copenhagen, Denmark – we strengthens your reputation and relations.

An editorial coverage in relevant local and national media, grants your company visibility and credibility. Digital media also makes it possible to reach employees, business partners and existing/potential new customers broadly.

To small and medium-sized enterprises and niche businesses with limited marketing budgets, PR is an effective way to achieve strong branding and success. This page explains how PR improves your business and how our team at Grønbech PR & Communication helps you and your company to achieve branding and success with PR.

PR: How to achieve branding and success

When telling stories in PR activities, you are making the company’s work, services, products, solutions, results, values and culture more visible to the surrounding world. Your storytelling creates trust and strengthens the company’s reputation.

With successful PR you will experience that the doors to interesting costumers will open more easily. Furthermore, interesting costumers will address your company by themselves. PR also helps you to maintain and strengthen your costumer relations and makes it easier to attract the right employees.

Your company achieves branding and success with PR because:

  • PR creates awareness – and awareness enhances your brand.
  • PR is storytelling.
  • Your media coverage can be used in online marketing.
  • Digital PR involves and engages your employees and customers.

PR enhances your brand

PR is company efficient storytelling when you tell your successful stories about e.g. services, products, solutions, results, values, culture, people and new initiatives. This contributes to the strengthening of your image and improves the company’s brand.

Last year Grønbech PR and communication provided about 50 customers with storytelling and branding through more than 700 editorial articles in nation-wide newspapers, local newspapers, special journals and magazines as well as features in radio and TV.

Among other things, we have completed a couple of PR projects in the city of Dragør: PR promoting Christmas in Dragør and the branding of Dragør through PR   These activities increased the exposure of Dragør online and in local and nation-wide medias. The many splendor’s in Dragør and Store Magleby have been highlighted and spread. For instance, Dragør was a living setting for the Danish Television’s Christmas calendar “The Time Travel”. Dragør is also a tourist destination and a business-friendly town with good options for shopping and outdoor activities. The broad media exposure has strengthened the brand of Dragør both locally and nationally and more nation-wide medias has followed up with their own stories, focusing on Dragør.

PR is storytelling

This also applies when your company assumes a responsibility that doesn’t attach directly to the operation of the company but relates to improving the world. In this way your company can be lucky to relate directly to a nation-wide agenda or talk of the town.

This applies e.g. to, whom Grønbech PR and communication has assisted in telling the stories about their CSR-work for a coming school of entrepreneurship in Nicaragua. Through PR, we told the story about the big difference that was making for a lot of people on the other side of the world and for the customers back in Denmark. This has given the possibility of showing that they are more than just business and balconies. This PR activity alone resulted in 42 news and feature articles in both regional and local media and has helped reach a wider client base.

The same applies to MemoAssist, who has developed an app to people suffering from dementia and ADHD. Our PR work resulted in 13 editorial articles in both newspapers and local media including a full-page article in a nation-wide newspaper.

Media coverage in your online marketing

When you and your company achieve news and feature articles because of PR activities, it should be used proactively in your online marketing.

Liftup understood that, when Grønbech PR and communication helped them tell the good customer stories to the media and made visible what professionals, opinion leaders and customers were thinking of their innovative welfare tech solutions. Positive statements from the customers generated great attention to Liftup on nation-wide TV, in specialist journals and local media. And the media coverage helped increase the traffic on web and social media. This has created progress in the company’s online sale and at the same time, made it easier for Liftup to recruit new employees.

In the same way our PR work for Fischer Danmark A/S has had a positive effect on the company’s online marketing. Grønbech PR and communication raised the attention of the media towards Fischer’s new and innovative products, which resulted in 40 press coverages and a lot of new leads from customers and retailers. Subsequently Fischer has utilized the good stories on web and social media which has improved the company’s sale, based on a moderate marketing budget.

Digital PR involves your employees and customers

To obtain good results with PR, it is crucial that you combine the PR activity and storytelling on social media, content marketing and SEO to reach the customers. With digital PR, you spread your stories more broadly across many platforms and you talk directly to your customers, employees and business partners and encourage them to become involved.

Grønbech PR and communication is helping the commercial real estate chain, ButiksKompagniet to tell specific stories about the company’s market, customers, knowledge, services and results to the media, web and social media. The many activities strengthen the brand of ButiksKompagniet, a commercial real estate agent with great local and specialist knowledge, within stores and restaurants.

In the same way, we have helped the contracting company Strømberg & Sahl create synergy between PR, web, newsletter and social media. Strømberg & Sahl prioritized frequent news and a uniform and clear expression in the external communication to signalize professionalism and progress. The multi-dimensional communication has given Strømberg & Sahl a significantly stronger brand and created greater and faster response from potential new customers and more new visitors on the web.

Achieve successful PR with Grønbech PR and communication

At Grønbech PR and communication we are experts in storytelling using PR as marketing and telling the good stories in newspapers, specialist journals, magazines and digital news media.

We work with PR activities for more than 50 small and medium-sized enterprises and niche businesses to strengthen their brand and professional relationships. We have many years of experience in contacting journalists and media as well as creating meaningful and value-adding communication for ambitious companies and trade associations.

PR: This is how we work 

We orchestrate your storytelling in PR and digitally across many platforms. We do this by telling your good stories in the specific media, that your audience watch, read and listen to.

We create storytelling and branding in PR for your company by:

  • Developing strategies for PR.
  • Creating editorial coverage in nation-wide radio and TV, newspapers, specialist journals, local media and digital and social media.
  • Creating coherence between PR and the additional communication, both online and on social media.
  • Arranging press conferences and providing media training prior to talking to the media.
  • Managing media surveillance and dedicated media lists.
  • Supporting you with issues management and crisis communication.

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