Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

At Grønbech PR and communication, we believe that giving a helping hand where we can make a world of difference. We also believe that a better world is created primarily where the need for change and improvement is greatest.

Therefore, we support UNICEF’s work to improve the living conditions of children in Africa.

We are also the SOS sponsor of “SOS Børnebyerne,” an international NGO that helps some of the world’s most vulnerable children. As an SOS sponsor, we help give orphans and vulnerable children a loving and safe home and contribute to the children’s upbringing, schooling, and health care, among other ways of helping.


We support the establishment of an industrial policy in Dragør, the small village where our company is situated. Susanne is Vice Chairman of the association “Dragoer Business.”

Susanne is a member of Rotary Dragør. The association works according to its motto “Service before self,” and has an exchange programme for young people.

We conducts PR and online communication for the association Sparringspartnerne, where Susanne is active as a sparring partner and on the board. Sparringspartnerne offers 20 hours of free sparring to growth and entrepreneurship companies in the municipalities in which the association works.


Susanne is a member of BNI Vallensbæk and helps other business leaders with new business opportunities through personal references.

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